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Jianli Xinfen Electronic Corporation Limited was founded in 2018. Protect Meter focused on one hundred percent dedication to natural gas detection solution. Out team consists of gas experts with rich experience in the field. We strive to provide the most reliable, affordable and functional products. We use international standard certifications to make sure we have the highest quality products ensuring safety of our customers all around the world.

Natural gas detection systems are very essential to ensure people’s safety. There is a range of gas sensors available for detection and alarm. Depending upon the circumstances, our systems include gas leak detectors, differential air pressure detectors and various natural gas meters among others.

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Protect Meter

Protect Meter has an exceptional R&D team with a solid background in the design and manufacturing of various environmental monitoring instruments. Our product portfolio covers a wide range of industry-focused products for the gas, liquid, dust, carbon monoxide, and others. Additionally, Protect Meter has outstanding teams on product development and production, quality assurance, and after-sale services to deliver our customers customer-oriented life-assisted solutions. Our products have been sold to customers around the world, including Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia. Lastly, each of our products is patented for its unique technologies.

Gas Leak Detector

Our flagship detector is the first gas leak detector with a built-in display and replaceable battery.

An affordable natural gas leak detector that is simple to use and extremely accurate, the Protect Meter helps identify leaks quickly and easily.

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Our Mission

Protect customers from natural gas leaks. We deliver a brand that is trusted by millions, to save lives, mitigate damage, and restore peace of mind.